Agricultural Produce Commission (APC)​


The Agricultural Produce Commission (APC) works to encourage initiative amongst producers of agricultural produce to form Producers’ Committees for the purposes of providing services to producers of that agricultural produce. They aim to provide Western Australian producers with the ability to self fund and take ownership of their industry and further the growth, prosperity and security of agricultural industries within Western Australia. We provide specialist governance and guidance to all APC Committees, encouraging them to work with their producers to identify industry initiatives and provide a true value service to their industry.

The APC Beekeepers Producers’ Committee was established on 26 August 2003. The Committee covers all Western Australian beekeepers and includes the following activities:

  • Pest and Disease Surveillance – supporting the protection of the West Australian Beekeeping industry

  • Training for Beekeepers

  • Bee Informed (newsletters)- communication updating beekeepers on bio-security and industry related matters

  • Secretarial Services to the Committee

  • APC admin charge 

  • A report on Committee initiatives can be found in the  APC Annual Report.


Western Australia Apiary Society (WAAS)

The WA Apiarists’ Society currently has over 800 members, the majority being hobbyists who meet to learn, share and promote the craft of beekeeping.

Formed in 1953, the Society has been guided by a committee of volunteers under whom membership numbers have steadily increased. We are the second oldest Beekeeping Association in Western Australia and can proudly say that we have the largest membership not only in WA but in Australia.  

Meetings are held monthly (see our ‘Meetings’ page for details). Expert guest speakers and in-the-field practical sessions are a feature. 

All are welcome to attend!

WA Farmers - Beekeepers


WA Farmers Beekeepers Section represents the majority of commercial beekeepers in the state, both in number and production of honey. The Beekeepers Section meets four times per year to deal with state and national policy issues affecting beekeepers in Western Australia.  Executive members are represented on a number of Committees ensuring that views of beekeepers are maintained.

The Beekeepers Section is the state representative body that has membership to the national peak body, the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council. National representation around the table is of paramount importance for the future sustainability of the bee industry which is in a unique position on a global scale.

Western Australia Beekeepers Association (WABA)

The Western Australian Beekeepers Association (WABA) is a progressive association which was formed about 15 years ago to represent the interests of all beekeepers in Western Australia, from the professional level down to amateur and hobbyists.

It focuses on providing extension and education activities, as well as representing the beekeepers in their interaction with government agencies at both state and national levels. It also works closely with researchers based in our Universities.