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B-Trace Australia Quality for everyone!

B-QUAL is pleased to announce that we have developed and now launching a new low-level audit program for small enterprise beekeeping operations of 100 hives or less.

The B-TRACE program is inexpensive but will give participants Industry recognised authenticity and audited certification.

The annual fee of $ 175 plus GST includes full use of the B-TRACE hive management web app, desk audit fee and membership for 12 months. No other costs were incurred.

The development of this program has come about by State Governments and other stakeholders requests for an audited low-cost system and we are pleased to now offer this exciting new program.

The website is now online and we invite you to visit for further details.

B-TRACE Australia is a division of B-QUAL Australia Pty Ltd. ABN 37 096 945 694. The Australian Honey Industry owned QA and Food Safety program. Practical quality assurance designed by and for beekeepers. Join the B-TRACE program and enjoy these benefits:

  • Free use of the B-TRACE hive management app

  • Ensures you are compliant with current industry and regulatory requirements

  • Show your enterprise has been certified to high industry standards by an independent desk audit

  • Use the B-TRACE logo and marketing tools for premium marketing and pricing opportunities

  • Enable your enterprise to show product provenance and product authenticity

  • Be kept up to date with the latest industry trends and standards

  • Use B-TRACE social media outlets for business and beekeeping improvement and opportunities

  • Industry-wide and Internationally recognised

  • Free assistance audit hotline. 1800 630 890 or 0404 381 942

How to get certified:

Step 1. Make the decision to improve your business. (a) Go to: (b) Pay the joining fee of $ 175.00 safely online, with our secure payment portal. This initial payment covers your 12-month membership, hive management app access and your annual desk audit. (c) you immediately become a member and can enjoy the B-TRACE advantages (d) Your receipt will show your B-TRACE ID number

Step 2. After payment receipt, you will receive a supplier manual and access details to the B-TRACE app

Step 3. You are ready to go! Just start entering your profile and hive management data.

When you feel confident and have completed training manual details and have your app data up to date, go online go to the self-audit page and apply for an audit.

Upon successful audit completion you will be issued an Audit Certificate and Audit ID number this is your key to full B-TRACE certification.

It is a requirement that each Enterprise is audited within 11 months of joining to maintain B-TRACE certification.

Contact details: www. or email

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