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Export certificate applications for Maldives, Jordan and Pakistan on the new NEXDOC system

As you are aware the transition to NEXDOC is occurring gradually for honey and bee products (excluding live bees).

From 8 February 2023, exporters must use NEXDOC to apply for EX188B certification for edible honey and bee products Maldives, Jordan and Pakistan.

This is in addition to the 17 countries currently available on NEXDOC.


To assist you with the transition, choose the support options below:


The department is modernising and streamlining its enhanced exports traceability system to support overseas market access for exports of agricultural product. NEXDOC provides many benefits and new functionality enabling self-service, including:

  • Lodgement of a request for export (REX)

  • add supporting documentation

  • amend your REX

  • preview certificate prior to printing

  • request replacement certificates

  • print honey certificates on your own printer on plain A4 paper

  • liaise with the department directly through the portal through for questions on that related REX.

Another important change is to the certificate, which will generate a unique QR code as well as the certificate number to improve security.

Benefits of NEXDOC: Replaces manual applications and certificates with a faster online system

  • Print certificates in your own office

  • You can track the status of your application

  • QR code security on certificates

  • Electronic certificates have lower documentation charges.

Further information Email: Go to: export/certification/nexdoc

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