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Industry Strategic Plan 

Without a plan, you plan to fail.

"If all mankind were to disappear, the world would regenerate back to the rich state of equilibrium that existed ten thousand years ago. If insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse into chaos."

- Edward O. Wilson, Biologist


WA Bee, Honey and Pollination Industry Strategic Plan 2022-27

The purpose of this strategic plan is to promote improvements in the standard of Western Australian bee, honey and pollination production, processing and manufacturing through leadership, advocacy, responsible resource stewardship, research and active participation in education, policy and planning.


Nurturing a flourishing Bee Industry:
Unveiling the WA Bee, Honey, and Pollination Industry Strategic Plan 2022-27

The WA Bee, Honey, and Pollination Industry Strategic Plan 2022-27 mark a significant milestone, as it is the first comprehensive blueprint to shape the future of the bee industry in Western Australia. 

In collaboration with BICWA and WAAS, extensive consultations and in-depth analyses were conducted, ensuring the voices of WA beekeepers were heard.

This inclusive approach allowed us to incorporate the priorities and aspirations of the beekeeping community directly into the strategic plan.

Join us in celebrating this collaborative milestone and discover the impactful initiatives that will share the industry for years to come.

Five Key Strategies to implement

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Support the Industry to Grow

Background Resources to view

Bee Keeper

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Regional event Bunbury 19 July 2023

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