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Research News Updates

Here in WA we work closely with our research partners ChemCentre and the Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products

We get regular reports & updates on current projects and made them available  here: 

Shared publications:

  • Quality assessment and chemical diversity of Australian propolis from Apis mellifera bees by Chau T.N. Tran, Peter R. Brooks, Tahmikha J. Bryen, Simon Williams, Jessica Berry, Fiona Tavian, Ben McKee and Trong D. Tran.

  • ICRAR Translating Astronomical Research to down-to-earth applications / Honey Signatures

      by Dr. Peter Brooks, a USC Australia and CRC HBP project report



A research project by Cheryl Day, Ben White

The University of Western Australia, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Title: Valuing ecosystem services for beekeepers in Western Australia

Results from the Natural Resources for Beekeepers Questionnaire (WA) 2020-21


Honey bees (Apis mellifera) provide a number of essential ecosystem services, such as enhanced pollination to increase crop yields. In addition, honey bee products provide highly valued raw material for food, medicine and cosmetics. The Natural Resources for Beekeepers Questionnaire completed in 2021 is the first comprehensive, spatially referenced survey of beekeepers in Western Australia since 1990. It is also the first to survey small scale amateur beekeepers and estimate their supply to the local honey market. For commercial beekeepers, a focus of the survey was to estimate the value of apiary sites and the productivity of migratory beekeepers. In this seminar, these results are presented and barriers, constraints and impairment to native flora sources due to site access, flowering schedules, and environmental challenges including fires are also discussed. The seminar concludes with some tentative policy recommendations.

Presentation: 1 April 2022

Disclaimer: The project team advises that the results are only preliminary and

not intended to be used for decision-making. 

A marketing project by Sharon Purchase, Kim Feddema, Mila Tarabashkina, Daniel Schepis 

Title: Developing the story for WA honey

The UWA/CRC team presented the development of the project to beekeepers and

Industry stakeholders in two parts:


Part 1: 29th November 2021, Industry workshop at the Beekeepers Breakfast held at 

                 Little Albion, Henley Brook; download the Industry workshop report here

Part 2: 25th February 2022, presentation of Initial Survey Results at the online organised

                 Beekeepers Breakfast held on ZOOM; download the slideshow here

                 The presentation is recorded and the video was kindly donated by the CRC HPB. 

Disclaimer: The project team advises that the results are only preliminary and

not intended to be used for decision-making. 


Find all CRC reports through this link

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