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BICWA is a member-based organisation and we gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of the organisations below. To enquire about becoming a member or supporting the work of BICWA please contact

Thank you to these organisations that support BICWA with an Alliance Partnership. 



Western Australia Apiary Society (WAAS)

The WA Apiarists’ Society currently has over 800 members, the majority being hobbyists who meet to learn, share and promote the craft of beekeeping.

Formed in 1953, the Society has been guided by a committee of volunteers under whom membership numbers have steadily increased. We are the second oldest Beekeeping Association in Western Australia and can proudly say that we have the largest membership not only in WA but in Australia.  

Meetings are held monthly (see our ‘Meetings’ page for details). Expert guest speakers and in-the-field practical sessions are a feature. 

All are welcome to attend!

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As a  Better Bee Rottnest Island Program member, Steve's Queens specialises in the supply of Mainland Mated Rottnest Daughter Queen Bees.

Steve puts a heavy focus on supplying quality more so than quantity to market with Queens which are renowned for low swarming tendencies, high honey production, and docile and hygienic behaviour tendencies.


As a full-time producer, Steve is excited to meet new beekeepers interested in his product and personally connect with his loyal client base.



Western Australian Beekeepers Association (WABA)

WABA is a progressive association which was formed about 15 years ago to represent the interests of all beekeepers in Western Australia, from the professional level down to amateur and hobbyists.

It focuses on providing extension and education activities, as well as representing the beekeepers in their interaction with government agencies at both state and national levels. It also works closely with researchers based in our Universities.

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Lyson Beekeeping Supplies



LYSON is the premier supplier of high-quality beekeeping equipment in Australia and New Zealand.


As importers and sole distributors of LYSON products, they offer a comprehensive range of over 800 items, from essential gear like suits and smokers to honey extraction and hive management tools.


They also focus on value-adding, providing equipment for refining and marketing hive products.


With a commitment to innovation and best practices, LYSON supports beekeeping businesses with reliable products and local customer service.


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Australian Natural Biotechnology Pty Ltd (ANB) is a comprehensive Australian company dedicated to integrating research, innovation, production and wholesale. The main business focus of ANB includes beekeeping and the production of honey with unique properties. ANB wholesale health care products and bee-related skin care products. It is located in Perth.

ANB's brand Karibee is a premium honey brand with deep roots in Western Australia, embracing the slogan: Caring about you and bees! 


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