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evokeAG & BICWA             18, 20 - 21 February 2024

Swarm of Bees

The Bee Industry Council of WA (BICWA) is proud to be a part of the upcoming evokeAG Perth 2024 event.

evokeAG hosts a premier annual event uniting agrifood tech across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Bringing together leaders, innovators, farmers, and investors accelerates innovation, bridges research and industry, and positions the region as a global hub, fostering growth and leadership in agrifood tech and innovation.

Participation in evokeAG is crucial for the Bee Industry to stay abreast of cutting-edge agrifood technology developments. It offers a unique platform to connect with leaders, researchers, and innovators, fostering collaboration and ensuring the bee industry remains at the forefront of advancements.


This engagement facilitates knowledge exchange and provides opportunities to showcase the industry's contributions, attract investment, and address challenges through innovative solutions.

BICWA is actively engaged in two key events at evokeAG in Perth - evokeAG on 20 - 21 February 2024, where BICWA has an innovation stand; and a special WA Side event on Sunday, 18 February 2024. 


Explore further details below to discover our impactful presence at these events.


BICWA Supporting innovation in beekeeping 
evokeAG 20 - 21 February 2024

The Bee Industry Council of Western Australia (BICWA) is the peak body representing both commercial and hobby beekeepers in WA.


BICWA’s objective is to promote a sustainable, professional, and authentic Beekeeping industry.


BICWA is highlighting innovation from three WA businesses; The Bee Buddy, Red Earth Pollen, and Y-Trace. 

The Bee Buddy is a world first  “all-in-one” Inspection and extraction solution, custom designed by a Hobby Beekeeper to meet the needs of the Hobby Beekeeper.

Y-Trace Logo (Colour) (2).jpg
REP_Logo copy 2.jpg
Bee buddy_logo_for copy.jpg

Y-Trace proudly presents its latest breakthroughs in the field of honey testing and disease detection. Authenticity testing for Australian mono-floral honey, coupled with a traceability system, this approach will set a new industry standard. Moreover, a new American Foulbrood detection system will provide real-time assessment without harvesting hive samples.

Red Earth Pollen is the largest processor of genuine Australian bee pollen, a highly nutritious superfood harvested by beekeepers from the pristine native forests of southwest WA.

The Bee Buddy is a world first  “all-in-one” Inspection and extraction solution, custom designed by a Hobby Beekeeper to meet the needs of the Hobby Beekeeper.

A Buzz with Bees -
honey experience and bus tour

Sunday, 18 February 2024

Join the exclusive pre-evokeAG 2024 journey with BICWA showcasing Western Australia's beekeeping excellence.

Choose between two options:

- A full-day bus tour inclusive of visits to cutting-edge beekeeping facilities, followed by a honey-infused dinner in the Jarrah forest and a unique bee-humming experience, or 

- Join us only for the dinner and bee-humming experience at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre. 

Both options offer a captivating insight into WA's bee industry, open to international, national, and local delegates, investors, producers, and the public.

Secure your spot for an enriching exploration of Western Australia's vibrant beekeeping sector. 

This event is supported by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

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