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Discovering Fewster’s Farm: A Journey into Pure, Organic Honey

Perth, 8 Feb 2024


Fewster's Farm has been a long-time supporter of the WA Bee Industry. Once again, Fewster's Farm has partnered with BICWA to organise an exciting evokeAG Sideline event, 'A Buzz with Bees' on Sunday 18 February 2024. Get ready for an exclusive tour of Fewster’s Farm honey packing facility, offering a rare glimpse into the post-collection process by our busy bee workers. Tickets are still available on BICWA’s webpage – secure yours today for a unique honey experience!


Nestled in the heart of Western Australia lies Fewster’s Farm, a sanctuary for honey enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With a rich history spanning over a century, Fewster’s Farm stands as a beacon of ethical beekeeping practices and unparalleled honey quality.


The Legacy of Fewster’s Farm


Founded in 1898, Fewster’s Farm has remained steadfast in its commitment to preserving the time-honoured tradition of beekeeping. Kim Fewster, a fourth-generation beekeeper and the current steward of the farm, proudly carries on the family legacy established over a century ago. His unwavering dedication to producing the finest organic honey has earned Fewster’s Farm a reputation as one of the premier honey producers in Western Australia. Today, the tradition continues with Bryce, Kim's son, actively involved in the operation.


Pure, Organic Honey Straight from Nature’s Bounty


At Fewster’s Farm, the commitment to purity and quality is evident in every jar of honey produced. The entire product range is certified organic, ensuring that each batch is free from any chemicals or pesticides. Harvesting is carried out with meticulous care to preserve the innate goodness of the honey, allowing it to retain its natural flavour and nutritional benefits.


The Pristine Beauty of Western Australia’s Forests


Fewster’s Farm sources its honey from some of the most pristine and disease-free forests in the world. Nestled amidst ancient Jarrah forests, the farm's bee hives thrive in an environment untouched by agricultural or industrial activity. This pristine setting not only ensures the purity of the honey but also contributes to its exceptional taste and healing properties.


Meet Kim Fewster: The Passionate Beekeeper

At the helm of Fewster’s Farm is Kim Fewster, a true devotee of beekeeping.

Kim started learning about beekeeping when he was young, taught by his father and grandfather, who were both highly respected beekeepers.

Today, Kim’s passion for beekeeping shines through in his work, from tending to the hives to championing the cause of Western Australian honey on the global stage.

The True Taste of Western Australia


Fewster’s Farm honey is more than just a sweet treat – it’s a testament to the natural beauty and bounty of Western Australia. With its rich flavour and high antioxidant content, Jarrah honey stands as a shining example of the region’s culinary and medicinal treasures.


In conclusion, Fewster’s Farm is not just a honey producer – it’s a custodian of a time-honored tradition, a guardian of nature’s bounty, and a purveyor of pure, organic honey. With its unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, Fewster’s Farm invites you to experience the true taste of Western Australia, one jar of honey at a time.

Fewster's Farm webpage, click below:

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