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New Fire Danger Rating System changed - Bee smoker news!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

There are now just four ratings, each with clear actions to take. Each rating tells you how dangerous a bushfire could be and what to do.

The move from six to four ratings, new names and thresholds, required changes to the referencing of Fire Danger Rating (FDR) within the Bush Fires Act and the Bush Fires Regulations 1954 .

DFES together with BICWA elaborated amendments to ensure regulated activities are aligned to the new Fire Danger Rating System.

The Bee Industry is happy to announce that bee smoking devices are still permitted to be used:

  • during the local governments restricted and prohibited burning times or

  • when the Fire Danger Rating is high, extreme, or catastrophic (outside of a declared Total Fire Ban)

  • when there is at least one fire extinguisher on site where the device is operated;

  • the ground within a 3 metre radius is either;

  • sufficiently cleared of all inflammable materials; or

  • damped down with water, to prevent the escape of fire;

  • the lighting or operation of the device does not result in the ignition of inflammable materials outside of the device;

  • the device is placed in a fire-resistant container when not in use;

  • the device is fully extinguished when it is no longer in use; and

  • compliance with any directions (if any) issued by the Local Government Bush Fire Control Officer.

This means that exemptions are not required at this stage because you are still permitted to operate.

Check announced Total Fire Bans through the WA Emergency webpage.

or through the info sheet below:

AFDRS Information Sheet
Download PDF • 664KB

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