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Perth, Western Australia will host the 17th Asia Apiculture Association Conference 10 – 12 June 2024

Date: 14 August 2023

The Bee Industry Council of Western Australia (BICWA) has been chosen as the next host for the 17th Asian Apiculture Association Conference.

Brendon Fewster, BICWA Chair, expresses, “This is a great honour to bring together bee experts from across our region to Perth, Western Australia”. BICWA is the peak industry body, representing over 5,000 registered beekeepers in Western Australia.

The Asian Apiculture Association ( has a membership of 22 countries managing the greatest number of hives in the world.

The conference will run over three days, 10 - 12 June, and offers to provide a detailed overview of bee research across the region covering the topics of bee biology, breeding and conservation, husbandry, pests and diseases, environment interaction and pollination, products and apitherapy.

The hosting State of Western Australia, is the largest state in Australia by land area, covering about one-third of the country's total landmass. Known as a biodiversity hotspot, the flora produces unique honey bee products, high in bioactivity from its diverse geography including forests, stunning coastlines, and remote outback regions.

Brendon Fewster highlights that Western Australia is internationally recognised for its excellence in beekeeping.

The state’s consistent year-round honey production and dedication to traditional beekeeping methods are further bolstered by the unique advantage of being free from many of the pests and diseases that afflict beekeeping in other parts of the world.

This environment has allowed the cultivation of high-quality honey and honeybee bee products, accompanied by cutting-edge research that firmly establishes Western Australia’s position as a leading hub in Australia’s industry.

This conference will be for anyone with a fascination for bees, and their benefits to our ecosystem and human health.

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