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Rottnest Daughter Queen Producer based in Perth Western Australia

24 October 2023

Get ready to be inspired! We're about to unveil the captivating story of Steves Queens. Buckle up for an exclusive look into their remarkable journey.

BICWA is excited to introduce its newest Alliance Partner, Steves Queens.

To learn more about the benefits of a BICWA membership and explore exciting exposure opportunities like this one, we invite you to visit our webpage and join us in supporting the beekeeping industry together.

Meet Steve from Steves Queens, and embark on a journey that will inspire you.

'My journey into beekeeping was sparked by a blend of personal intrigue, the yearning to share quality moments with my sons, and an undeniable passion for the world of honeybees.

The birth of our honey label, "Levi & Elek's," goes beyond being just a brand. It's a direct homage to my sons' active involvement and their indelible impact on the project. Crafting it together involved a lot of brainstorming, delving into market research, and soaking up invaluable guidance from a breeder who later turned into a friend and mentor. This collaborative approach has served as a compass as I set foot on this exciting beekeeping journey.

This endeavour, though anchored in honey production, carries with it lessons far beyond the apiary. It's a canvas on which my children paint strokes of responsibility, entrepreneurship, and a profound connection to nature. It's a living example of how hard work can yield sweet rewards. It's a tapestry of memories that will remain etched in their minds and a skill set that will guide them through life's twists and turns.

The journey through the challenging waters of aggressive feral colonies, all while keeping my sons' safety paramount, led us to delve into the art of requeening Rottnest Mainland Mated Daughter Colonies. The transformation was nothing short of astounding. From colonies with behaviour issues to those that radiated tranquillity, the difference was like chalk and cheese.

From my beginnings as a hobbyist managing a mere 20 nucs, I expanded my horizons by capturing swarms, growing the endeavour, and eventually diving headfirst into the complex world of queen rearing. This path was marked by trials, by learning, and by a relentless desire to fine-tune the very essence of my bee colonies.

A demanding and challenging process indeed, producing 60 queens to successfully requeen 20 hives was a masterclass in trial and error. Through this process, I've accumulated a treasure trove of experience and knowledge that I'm confident will be the cornerstone of future successes.

Our narrative is a living testament to the many dimensions of beekeeping. From the sheer delight of working alongside these incredible creatures to the thrill of expanding our apiary, and from the intricate choreography of rearing queens to the delicate task of managing colony behaviour, our journey in the world of beekeeping has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The joy of queen rearing, driven by the continual praises from customers of all backgrounds, motivated me to embrace a full-time role as a commercial breeder. With the launch of my website,, I aim to be a beacon of inspiration for others, sharing the lessons, the achievements, and the passion that have shaped my journey. Armed with some seasoned experience, I'm eagerly reinvesting in innovation, ready to soak up more knowledge, and excited to consistently provide a quality product to my esteemed clients. In a world often driven by quantity, I stand firm in my belief that quality is paramount.

This is my story – one of family, values, entrepreneurship and an unbreakable connection to the natural world. As I continue to navigate this incredible path, I eagerly anticipate the next chapter, filled with growth, learning, and a touch of bee magic.'


“You are the Only person who sold me decent open mated queens last year and I bought from about 10 different producers. Well done mate. No problems at all coming from WA. I lost one to EFB breakdown (less than I thought though I expected them all to break down due to genetics). But they are doing surprisingly well. Shows how your good practices are above the rest.”, a delighted Queen Breeder hailing from QLD

“Just wanted to let you know again how great your queens are. Harvested for the first time since requeening with your babies late last March (I think). Didn't use a smoker, did rub some cut lemongrass over my gloves and face visor, but removed 4 beautiful frames (approximately 8 to 9 litres) only one sting on my glove. Weather was overcast and misting rain, about 21 degrees. They're such good girls.”, from a joyful beekeeper thriving in WA

“Update on WA girls. Due to Steve’s amazing packaging they have arrived this morning alive and are now in their nucs with repacked queen candy to give more time for acceptance and a warm welcome. Thankyou Steve's Queens and especially for the reassurance on them making the seven days ❤️”, from an ecstatic Apiarist, WA

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