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Have your say! Forest Management Plan 2024 - 2033

The McGowan Government is protecting our forests by ending large scale commercial timber harvesting in the South West from 2024.

Forests are critical to us all in the role they play in providing a stable climate, drawing down carbon, supporting biodiversity and also for the future of the beekeeping industry through honey production and pollination services, which can be upheld with access to the forest.

Have your say to help inform the development of the draft Forest Management Plan 2024-2033.

The pre-draft survey will take up to 30 minutes to complete and is open until 11:59 pm Sunday 1 May 2022. Access the survey here.

The results of the online survey will be published by DBCA at:

Please share and encourage as many people as you can to complete the survey. We only get the opportunity to contribute to forest management once every 10 years, now is the time!

You can contact us with any queries by email: or

call Mikey Cernotta, sub-committee chair, on 0418 229 252

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