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Important AHBIC Update - Stay Informed

Here is an important update from the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council pm what os happening across the country. A couple of key points:

  • Bruala Fly has been detected in Victoria.

  • Movement of hives and hive material into Queensland from New South Wales remains prohibited.

  • Movement into Victoria and South Australia from New South Wales requires the necessary permits.

  • A big shout out if you have hives located in Queensland, QBA are encouraging beekeepers to participate in sampling at least 10% of hives and reporting these checks. See details in the email below on how to use the app here or report your checks via the app. This activity is to is to build an accurate profile of the true situation in order to assist with bringing stranded hives home. BEE 123 The Queensland Government has Launched the BEE 123 reporting tool. This tool has been very useful in collecting Varroa surveillance data in QLD.

  • If you are a Queensland beekeepers who currently have QLD based hives stranded in NSW to come forward with this information. If you have hives stranded, please contact us or the QBA directly via Jo Martin on 0498 000 496 or


Field crews that have been conducting surveillance for Varroa mite in the Sunraysia region have detected some hives with Bruala Fly. This detection in 18 of 38 hives on almond pollination indicates it is established and surveillance of surrounding hives has resulted in no further detections.

Bruala Fly is endemic in Tasmania and is considered to not cause economical damage to beekeepers. The fly is endemic in every continent in the world and is not known to cause any issues with honey bee health.

AHBIC is working with AgVic to determine the pathway forward including determining the likely source of the mite through tracing and other activities. AHBIC is gathering information to determine if the detection will have any impact on international markets and domestic movements. We will keep the industry updated once the course of action is determined.

For more information and state specific information head to ....

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