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New Infected Premises Identified South of Newcastle

AHBIC update: 30/06/2022

On Wednesday the 22nd June an initial detection of Varroa mite was found in sentinel hives at the port of Newcastle (IP1,2 and 3).

A second confirmed detection in a commercial load of bees occurred within 10km on Saturday 25th June (IP4).

Tracing activities have identified loads of bees connected to the second detection IP4.

These loads have been assessed for the presence of Varroa. One load of 120 hives near Calga south of Newcastle has been inspected and 4 mites in 120 alcohol wash samples have been identified.

This load has now become a new Infected Premise (IP) and has initiated a new delimiting survey and emergency zone. This is depicted on the updated DPI map

This detection like the other detection outside the 50km zone is connected to the single commercial operation.

We are still confident, given that we have direct links for all the current detections, that we can still eradicate the mite.

Tracing activities are continuing and the operations are ramping up.

Interstate department counterparts are also arriving to assist in the emergency management team response.

Beekeeper volunteers are being mobilized to assist in the surveillance efforts.

The statewide standstill order is still in place and AHBIC is working incredibly hard for industry to ensure the standstill order is in place for as short a time as possible.

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