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Simplifying Backyard Beekeeping!

Perth, 31 Jan 2024


The Bee Buddy is a world first inspection & extraction solution custom designed right here in Western Australia, by a hobby beekeeper whose goal is to make beekeeping safer and easier so more people will engage with this important and fascinating hobby.


Jessica Brunner is an experienced and qualified Beekeeper, a Hive Hero and a World Record Holder for Women in Beekeeping. 

She designed the Bee Buddy after a series of catastrophic personal experiences early in her beekeeping journey. 

After searching the Internet for months for a solution to challenges, she realised that current products were not fit for purpose or addressed the suit of issues faced by hobby beekeepers. 

In 2019, she decided to address the challenge herself and started on the ‘Start-up ‘ journey.


“My first experience at Harvest 5 years ago was catastrophic.  Using existing available equipment I lost over 6 kgs of Honey, killed thousands of bees, and was injured falling under the weight of the Super.  Frames and honey went everywhere, and angry bees followed.  The Bee Buddy is the accumulation of all of my hard-learned lessons. There are no ‘fit –for –purpose’ options available for the beekeeper to transport, process and store their full frames safely and securely, so I decided to make one for myself ! “


Early in the process, Jessica was selected to join a Farmers2Founders Accelerator program, and following on from her learnings and success in Hone she continued on with their Harvest program, fine tuning both the product design and the business model, and earning a Patent and R&D Grant to support her work.


This journey led her to making her International Launch as a guest of the WA DIPRD& AgriStart delegation to Singapore for their Asia Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit in November last year.


Following on from that success The Bee Buddy will be making it’s Australian debut supported by BICWA at evokeAg in February, alongside 2 other innovative WA Bee products – Y Trace , and Red Earth Pollen.


evokeAG is Australia’s largest international AgriTech Conference linking Agrifood innovation in Australia and across the world.  Attracting leaders, farmers, innovators, accelerators, researchers, universities, corporates, government and investors to one location for collaboration,  evokeAG. 2024 will be held on the 20-21 February 2024 in Perth, Western Australia.


The Bee Buddy :

1.    Removes Occ Health & Safety risks

2.    Simplifies the Inspection processes

3.    Simplifies the Bio-security check processes

4.    distances harvesting activities

5.    prevents against contaminates & robbing

6.    and allows for all levels of experience, equipment and harvesting preferences.

There are no ‘fit –for –purpose’ competitors on the market.


With Backyard beekeeping booming as an Industry worldwide, there are an estimated 60,000 hobbyists in Australia alone.  In 2022 AgriFutures Australia valued recreational beekeeping at over a $173 million.   Even Movies Stars, TV Starts ad Soccer players are joining the party.



Google is inundated with articles about the explosion in beekeeping over the past decade, particularly amongst environmentally aware women and children and The Buddy has been designed to meet their needs and will revolutionise backyard Beekeeping.

ABN 24 652 266 101

International pat. app. PCT/AU2022/051014

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