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Sweetening honey exporters with more markets on NEXDOC

Source DPIRD 30 March 2023

We are moving away from time-consuming paper forms to digital export documentation using our NEXDOC system - sweetening the export process for our honey exporters.

As we continue to build upon the 20 markets already available on NEXDOC for honey exporters, newly released

Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and the European Union (EU)

are online since 30 March 2023. In addition to moving onto NEXDOC, honey exporters sending consignments to the EU will benefit from electronic government-to-government certification (eCert).

This means no more paper certificates, as their export information will be sent directly to the importing country ahead of the consignment.

This may enable importing authorities to clear your goods faster as they have the information ahead of time. ‘Moving onto NEXDOC has been life-changing’ said one honey exporter. As we continue to work with the honey industry to onboard more markets and certificates, we will be looking towards Other Goods, such as grocery items.

If you would like to know more about the transition of other goods onto the NEXDOC system and what this might mean for you, keep looking on the NEXDOC webpage or contact us at NEXDOC enhancements are being continually delivered for dairy, honey and apiculture exports.


To support you with the transition to eCert, the Department developed:

  • How to Lodge a Honey REX to the EU

  • How to add your Exporter TRACES ID

  • A list of countries who use TRACES NT

Publication access:

  • Market Access Advice notifying of the changes for paperless exchange.

  • Virtual drop-in sessions, which will address how to register for NEXDOC, lodge a REX and allow you to ask any questions about the system. Visit the NEXDOC website for session details.

  • Short videos that steps you through how to use NEXDOC.

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