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The Jarrah Honey Committee has invested some time in developing a set of criteria to use a specially created logo to be applied to all packaging of Pure Jarrah honey.

We envisage that this will give the consumer the confidence that they are buying an authentic Jarrah honey that has been tested for activity.

To become a certified authentic WA Jarrah Honey Producer and/or Packer, thereby being able to display the Jarrah Honey logo on all packaging and promotional material, the applicant must agree to:

· Pay an annual licence fee of $100.00, to use the logo;

· (On Application. Non refundable, if approved this will become the first year’s registration)

· Have a certified HACCP program, or adequate Quality procedures in place and agree to and pay for 1 x independent

Jarrah traceability.

· Any anti-bacterial activity claim on the label is qualified and substantiated by an approved laboratory and must be

accurate at time of packing.

This test is now available from ChemcCentre please email below for the form.

· Signed vendor declarations from Beekeeper suppliers of the jarrah, as to it being pure Jarrah, listing the locality.

· Have an up to date local government Food Business registration or other Shire Health certification.

For those that would like to see their business on the website but don’t wish to use the logo we now have a General member classification. The annual fee for this is $50. This will see your business logo and details listed on a separate tab to the Logo users.

Don’t delay, to apply to use the logo please send an email to Leilani Leyland at or telephone 0428290029 and the applicable forms will be sent

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